Over the coming months, the phrase ‘working from home’ may be used more and more. But what does this mean for your business and how can you ensure that communications with clients and colleagues alike are completely seamless, whilst keeping the costs low?

Whilst diverting calls to your mobile handset can seem like a quick and easy solution, it may not be a long-term, cost-effective plan going forward if you are paying for each call diversion. There are an array of options that may be more suitable for your business. We understand that each business is completely unique and will have varied requirements, equipment and team size, but we can help find the best fitting solution for you.

IP Softphone Services is a solution for remote working that gives you access to all call traffic internally and externally that you may need to run your business, regardless of where you are.

We’ll make sure your voice call applications are always live, available and secure while providing support to all users, making sure your team has everything it needs to keep working.

Additional hardware and software will be needed to complete the services and deliver as smooth an operation as possible at this difficult time, please contact the office for further details.

The Benefits of our Softphone Services Whilst Working Remotely

Greater Flexibility – Employees can work from anywhere and get advanced features as if they were in the office. With hosted PBX you can integrate multiple offices and multiple extensions supported and performing as a single system while still offering a centralised solution.

Increasing Mobility – Having one number allows you to simplify and enhance the comms experience, whether at the desk or not. Calls are routed wherever you are and to any device making it easy to work and interact efficiently regardless of your location.

Unified Communication – Bring everyone together with Instant Messaging, presence & conferencing to share information and get decisions made. Easily make and receive audio and video calls using your mobile devices.

Scalability – Grow or shrink the number of extensions as required. Expand as you need without the massive Capex investment of a new PBX – it’s possible to have 10 users one month and 100 the next. And, only pay for what you use.

Easy to Control – Immediate and simple set up gets you up and running much quicker than a traditional phone system. A simple, intuitive, user-friendly portal can be easily managed, monitord and quickly tailored with features required at any time.

Plug and Play – Works right out of the box. We pre-configure the handsets for you, meaning your phones will work from the moment you get them, no fiddly configuration needed. As soon as you’re ready users just simply need to plug their phone into the network.

Feature-Rich – Get all the features and functionality expected from a traditional telephone system plus unified communications features; instant messaging presence & conferencing.

Business Continuity – Even in the event of disruption or disaster you don’t have to miss a call. Calls can immediately be re-routed to any other location, backup site or phone ensuring its business as usual.

Enhanced Customer Service – Offer the highest call experience for all callers. Select where incoming calls, after-hours and overflow calls go and how they’re received. Never miss a call and connect customers to the right person and/or department with ease and speed.

Feel free to contact us on 03309000009 or email sales@infinitysystemsolutions.co.uk to kickstart your remote working strategy.