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    If you need a hosted telephone solution for your business we can help. We offer a build it yourself telephone system, providing the perfect data solutions, tailored to your business.

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At Infinity, our systems are tailored to your needs. Our telephone platforms offer modular expansion and flexibility to change, allowing you to add additional services as and when needed. Building the platform for each development within your organisation, we are at hand throughout the build process offering our extensive knowledge with future ideas to support growth or plans that may be required in the future. We will discuss all packages with annual reviews included at no additional cost, meaning you will always have the support of a dedicated account manager and engineering throughout your time with Infinity.


With communications, the policy for us is to make sure at all times clients and prospective clients get to speak to somebody the first time they call. This may involve sending calls to separate destinations (especially at this difficult time) within the same business, or allow voicemails to be left that can be immediately retrieved. For example, group email applications or softphones and mobile apps offering extensions while on the move or working from home. Calls can also be recorded in line with your requirements, in its simplest form, we want our clients to have full control of how they want any call to be answered or made, and adapt this, as and when needed for any situation.

Response to COVID-19

The current global position we are in requires that all businesses, large or small need to be diverse with how their business is working even when closed. Calls received may offer future business so making sure the information is diarised and the caller gets the answers they need is crucial. 

Client testimonials

  • This recently refurbished hotel in the heart of the Welsh Capital is very proud of its recent 4 start Visit Wales grading and offers a quiet, relaxing atmosphere for its guests to stay in.

    Infinity System Solutions were delighted to supply a tailored solution to meet their needs. Here’s what they said about us “We can thoroughly recommend your service, we rely so much on a strong, fast data connection for our bookings and a reliable telephony provider

    We are pleased to say you have supplied a fantastic service to our business without fault. It was a smooth transition to Infinity – “a truly great service we can highly reccomend”