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PBX (Private Branch Exchange) and Hosted Telephony

Do you need a private telephone network which allows communication within your company and the outside world? Then our system solutions are for you. Our PBX phone systems allow communication over various channels and allows you to use more phones than outside lines.  A great advantage of our systems is that it allows free calls between its users, allows for call waiting, transfers, out of office and much more.

The Difference Between On-Premise PBX and Hosted PBX

An ‘on premise solution’ offers greater resilience in the event of Broadband failure by utilising telephone line(s), (these lines are already required for the Broadband itself in most cases). Hosted telephony (or cloud based) is controlled via an internet connection, on premise is a true hybrid solution with the use of digital, analogue and IP connections offering more than one type of connection in the event of failure for whatever reason.

Benefits of Hosted Telephony for International businesses

Hosted telephony is a great solution for international or multiple site locations. Sites can be linked seamlessly via Hosted technology, with less control needed over the local networks they work from. Customers also have the ability to link call traffic to all endpoints or a single location at any one time, plus calls charges between sites are included without charge.

Client testimonials

  • This recently refurbished hotel in the heart of the Welsh Capital is very proud of its recent 4 start Visit Wales grading and offers a quiet, relaxing atmosphere for its guests to stay in.

    Infinity System Solutions were delighted to supply a tailored solution to meet their needs. Here’s what they said about us “We can thoroughly recommend your service, we rely so much on a strong, fast data connection for our bookings and a reliable telephony provider

    We are pleased to say you have supplied a fantastic service to our business without fault. It was a smooth transition to Infinity – “a truly great service we can highly reccomend”