Customer Complaints Code – ISS Vsn 1.3
Complaints Code

The Purpose of this Code
We have produced this Customer Complaints Code as part of our obligations under the
telecommunications regulations and in accordance with Ofcom requirements. The overall
purpose of the Code is to provide our clients with a written code about our complaints
handling procedures in a clear and transparent manner.
Complaint Handing and Dispute Resolution
We take all complaints seriously and will do what we reasonably can to resolve the
issue speedily and to the satisfaction of the client concerned.
Contact Us
We offer a variety of means of contact, depending on your needs at any point in time.
The principal methods are detailed below:
Telephone 0330 9000 009 (09.00 – 1700 Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays)
Fax 08432 651 492
In Writing
Infinity System Solutions Ltd, Innovation Centre, Festival Drive,
Ebbw Vale, Blaenau Gwent, NP23 8XA
Customer Complaints Code – ISS Vsn 1.3
Response Times
All disputes are logged and we aim to acknowledge all disputes within 24 working
hours. Your complaint will be investigated and a case handler assigned.
If we cannot resolve your complaint within the first 3 working days, an agreed contact
time will be made and you will be updated regularly by us.
Stages to resolve your complaint
Stage Description
Request for
complaint to be
You can request to raise a complaint by contacting your Account
Manager, Customer Service Team or by any other method of contact set
out above.
2 Receipt of a
complaint All complaints are sent to the relevant department and a complaint case
will be raised. The customer service team will confirm your contact details
and the case reference, sending you an email or a letter should you
prefer to confirm these details in writing. Your case handler will then
contact you within 48 hours of your complaint being raised to introduce
themselves and set the expectations for your complaint moving forward,
giving their direct contact details.
3 Case Investigation
The case handler will update you at regular intervals agreed with you at
your initial conversation. Wherever possible contact will be made by
phone and followed up by email.
4 Closure
If you confirm following the investigation that your complaint has been
resolved, the case will be closed.
Customer Complaints Code – ISS Vsn 1.3
5 Case re-open/Case
Escalation If after you have spoken to the case handler you are not satisfied with our
response, the original case will be re-opened or immediately escalated
and assigned to the Customer Service Manager/Head of Professional
6 Case open over 8
weeks If the complaint is open for 8 weeks or longer the case handler will inform
you that you have the right to contact Ofcom if applicable. Please see
below for further information.
Alternative Dispute Resolution
If we have not resolved your complaint to your satisfaction after 8 weeks or if you have
received a letter from us saying that your complaint has reached “deadlock”, you may
make a complaint through Ofcom.
Ofcom is an independent regulator and their details are as follows:
Contact Centre
Riverside House
2a Southwark Bridge Road
Web site:
Tel: 020 7981 3040 or 0845 456 3040
Customer Complaints Code – ISS Vsn 1.3
We have no rigid compensation process. If there is a circumstance where compensation
would be appropriate, we would look at it upon its own particular facts and assess the
applicable level of compensation. We do our utmost to ensure that we comply with all
legislative and regulatory requirements. Any compensation will be paid as a credit to your
monthly invoice or otherwise as agreed.
Review of this Code
If you have any specific comments on this Code, or would like us to consider specific
amendments, corrections, or improvements in a future revision, then please do contact us.