• Wholesale Line Rental

    Personalised, branded calls and line services

    Our whole sale line rental (or WLR for short) allows you to offer your customers branded calls and a line service without the headaches that come with owning and maintaining network assets. Our service provides more flexibility in regards to service and pricing criteria, whilst maintaining the high quality of line rental solutions and excellent end-user support. Offering your customers an affordable choice, with great savings to be made on line rental and call charges.

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What Line Rental is best for you?


Wholesale Line Rental is a service which allows businesses to offer personalised, branded calls and line services to their customers, on wholesale terms. The service comes without the responsibility of maintaining and operating network assets and stresses that comes with it.


    ISDN2e is a high-performance voice and data service generally for smaller offices. As standard, it comes with two channels on each connection which allows for two simultaneous calls. It can be expanded to allow for up to 8 simultaneous calls.


      ISDN30 lines are usually used by medium to large businesses as they allow you to create branded digital telephone services. ISDN30 is a versatile, secure, dedicated, high-bandwidth option that allows you to transmit voice, data and text.


        PSTN stands for Public Switched Telephone Network. This network is also referred to as the Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). In simple terms, this is a standard phone line.

          Mobile (EE, 02, Vodafone)

          We offer a variety of mobile solutions including those using the EE, 02 and Vodafone infrastructures. This is most commonly used in places whereby a traditional phone line is unavailable, or during migration of one system to another. We are able to offer cost-effective solutions to businesses that you cannot get from speaking to the providers directly. Please get in touch by filling in the form below if you would like a quote.

            Client testimonials

            • This recently refurbished hotel in the heart of the Welsh Capital is very proud of its recent 4 start Visit Wales grading and offers a quiet, relaxing atmosphere for its guests to stay in.

              Infinity System Solutions were delighted to supply a tailored solution to meet their needs. Here’s what they said about us “We can thoroughly recommend your service, we rely so much on a strong, fast data connection for our bookings and a reliable telephony provider

              We are pleased to say you have supplied a fantastic service to our business without fault. It was a smooth transition to Infinity – “a truly great service we can highly reccomend”

            Frequently Asked Questions

            • How much downtime will there be when transferring to a new line?

              This depends on the type of line you choose to have. We also look to minimise downtime and wherever possible offer a seamless transfer. Once you book a new line with us we will give you a an install date as well as an ETA on delivery.

            • What if my building is listed?

              If your building is listed you may need to seek permission from your local authority in order to install most types of internet connection. Typically the engineer will need to drill a small hole in the side of the property. The engineer will be able to advise you about this in more detail upon the initial visit.

            • What are your contract terms?

              Contract terms depend on the type of line you need as well as your specific requirements. Please get in touch with a member of our team to discuss the various options.

            • Which is the best line for my business?

              That really depends on your business needs. Feel free to get in touch to arrange a completely free, no-obligation consultation with a specialist by filling in the form above or calling on 0330 9000 009.

            • How will my business be supported?

              We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and support, and offer full 24/7 support to our customers.