Infinity System Solutions were approached by a GP practice on the basis of providing a Hosted Telephony platform for their surgery. Having visited the surgery, it soon became apparent that the cabling infrastructure was outdated and would not support IP handsets on a hosted system without re-cabling the entire building.

Although, in this instance, the hosted telephony would be more cost effective than on premise equipment, having factored in the cabling requirements we proposed an on premise hybrid LG platform. This not only provides the surgery with greater resilience in the event of Broadband failure but was also more cost-effective to the surgery.

To conclude, greater resilience, more cost-effective and better suited to the surgery’s needs with the clinical system integration as a result of our introductory meeting.

Defining on-premise and hosted (cloud-based) telephony

On-premise telephony

An ‘on-premise solution’ offers greater resilience in the event of Broadband failure by utilising telephone line(s), (these lines are already required for the Broadband itself in most cases).

Hosted (cloud-based) telephony

Hosted telephony (or cloud-based) is controlled via an internet connection, on-premise is a true hybrid solution with the use of digital, analogue and IP connections offering more than one type of connection in the event of failure for whatever reason.